Abstract: if the H5 gaming industry is still filled with mild products of low cost, a large number of individual developers to make small production, the industry will still encounter a similar situation in 2015, only a million class burst games leading role co..


the day before yesterday, a HTML5 game announced monthly water breakthrough 15 million, the industry’s first ten million level H5 game finally appeared. The game is the founder of the company’s former Shanda Shanda president.

what does a month of water more than 15 million H5 games mean?

it is like a stimulant, means was failure to see the H5 game cashability this name; also means that determine the overall capital market need to modify the H5 before the game industry does not currently have a profitability ". CEO Chen Shuyi era egret game industry heavyweights have mentioned, tens of millions of monthly water is a threshold, H5 game only to break this threshold to win big capital, continued investment team.

H5 game industry in the aftermath of the 2015 highs, a monthly income of tens of millions of "products allows the industry to regain confidence in the game H5.

opened in 2015, at the end of the original game users into the background of dividends, the stable period, the industry generally believe that there is a H5 game of mobile terminal, the only possible user bonuses, and forecasts will usher in a large outbreak of H5 gaming industry in 2015. It is also the first thing that everyone predicted, surrounded by nervous cat and other H5 game brush burst circle of friends.

but with the "cat" fire on WeChat H5 neural game flow control, and subject to the retention rate and liquidity flows, into the second half of 2015, H5 game survival state of a sudden turn for the worse. Some people even say H5 games at this stage there are flawed, not looking forward to the spring, has entered the winter. At the same time, the domestic capital market environment is getting cold, but also let the H5 game industry entrepreneurial team suffering.

H5 game industry has experienced from the 2015 "downhill" to 2016 "earning million" breakthrough, it means that the H5 game of the spring has finally come? Putting think H5 game industry is still "three mountains" to break through, 15 million should be calm.

The lack of operational capacity of

, not counting the "genius trader


in 2015, H5 game always spinning in the "high transmission, high flow, low retention, low conversion and low ARPPU" in the circle of H5 game manufacturer, the "three low" pain pain.

The biggest advantage of the

H5 game is that it has the natural characteristics of social communication, a URL can be shared, the spread of social software greatly reduces the user’s acquisition costs. It now appears that the biggest position is still WeChat H5 game, circle of friends to the H5 game brings a high P>