customer analysis: buy connections, sell connections, cheats,

requirements analysis:

1. buy connector

buys good quality, cheap, secure connections,

analysis of the mentality: want to good quality and cheap station (day night panic but occasionally can be met, and doing it to) most products station. Everyone wants to keep the price down and eat big chunks of meat. Of course, there are broad rich men, rich men are more afraid of meeting swindlers, if you can guarantee safety, good quality, high prices, these people do not matter.

2. sells connector

met a good reputation, good price, analysis about the integrity of the mentality of buyers: occupation do stand to sell connection, specifically to do some station, PR to 2 or 3, selling dozens of one day, one day a few hundred, one month down ten thousand small, good can point to the tens of thousands of these people, security buy a house, more comfortable, and the price is not high, as long as the two dealers, you have not cheated, do you think of their own quality, and is anxious for money; this PR no higher than 3, except for the special case of course, why this person PR is not 3, the people I called Rangers, their money is entirely, even many of them are connected to the server in order to sell rent, if these people can do more than 3 PR that is a personal station can be IP on more than 10 thousand people; the following is that you need to pay attention to this, specially The door to find loopholes in the server, for you in other sites do connection, as long as you find a real master, was immediately dropped, even this kind of accountability, usually the price will be very low, less bizarre, even you a counter-offer he will sell it to you, PR will not be able to estimate what are also a; PR is cheating, such people often PR between 3-5, not low is not high, the content of the website is very common, the world ranking (can brush) is very general, this cheating you as long as careful generally not cheated, can be solved by a method of http://s. Sourceid=navclient& hl=zh-CN& ie=UTF-8& rlz=1T4GGLJ_zh-CNCN264&

through the top address, you can see BAIDU in GG cache snapshot, PR that is to take the PR of this page, if there is no cache snapshot, or other stations, then it is cheating PR. The connection is also of no practical significance.

3. liar features

1.: cheat buyers pretending to buy, ask you to do, followed by any excuse to say for a moment or a payment to you tomorrow (special exclusive) such features are generally garbage station, in order not to spend money to get connected, they will use it.