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has been operating for a year and a half of the Tmall store in April when sales exceeded 1 million 200 thousand yuan, only 11 lower than last year’s double that month, daily sales volume reached 40 thousand yuan, therefore, this is a small success, but also to achieve sales target of 50 million yuan at the end of a small step and step out the. It’s hard to remember the road in the middle, because there are so many mistakes and missed a few opportunities for fission that they will walk so far. The following analysis and summary of these processes, I hope for the intention to engage in Taobao shop sellers help.

earliest shop only more than 20 people, respectively, three clothing designers, a procurement, board room master two people, 1 artists, photographers 1 people, copy 1 people, customer service 4 people, buyers 2 people. At that time, we adopted the purchase from the wholesale market in Guangzhou, each time according to the theme of activities to choose. For example, the 38 section of the main lady is the wind, set a good theme, after the targeted election. Shop positioning at the beginning is to model the impact of the market. With the boss’s words, is that consumers see this paragraph does not like, see more models will be like, when the style is enough, the probability of a single order on the increase. Therefore, each activity, although with a theme, cultural atmosphere is relatively strong, promotions are endless, and the intensity of the discount is also very large, but the effect is not very good. But in April 26th a wave of promotional activities, dress as low as 6.5 yuan berserk, there are a lot of dress selling 10 a few dollars. Nearly 1000 pieces of sales were created that day, but at the end of the time, the cost was found to be 80 thousand yuan. Although the loss of data through this activity, but the flow is also up.

then why not choose to use a fashion designer, each reviewer will mainly bidiao, therefore, when the boss is going to first study two months, it is impossible to not need to pay the wages of 20 thousand yuan to support 3 designers and purchasing. Later events proved that the designer’s way of finding the money wasn’t suitable for our store. Designers do more suitable for the development of the ground market, shop is out of tune.

from shooting this link, it was relatively passive. Yes, the Guangzhou model, although relatively professional, but bad temper, each request at least 50 models, you have to move her over. The price of each section is 80 yuan, less or less. Therefore, each shot is crashing, resulting in a new art when he was doing a rough comparison. Later, because the model was given a dove, he had to choose another Shenzhen model. Using 2 days time to shoot 200 dresses, and 5 artists in 2 weeks, all shelves, which at that time can be regarded as a miracle. But there are many styles, but also can not drive sales. Many are zero sales, and the lowest day has just sold one, so it has been a failure.

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