actually, the motivation for the initial creation of the Chinese leather Federation ( /) is actually very simple, and we’re doing a test.

is now the industry portal more and more Internet users are more and more, the value of each site from everyone at each site on the investment range; especially in the industry portal flood era has not in the past now, many websites in bankruptcy, merger, layoffs; we choose this time to open, not us to wind and waves, the reason is simple enough: we want to see a commercial website, how to profit, at least to spend much money to work? How to operate? Even collapse, also want to see what is a failure! At least can exercise our spirit of cooperation…

we first analyzed the problems faced with, because our website is a professional website, the service object is narrow, the beginning of the number of visits, not a lot, so we do not need to choose a large bandwidth and a dedicated server, but leased some space can fix some of the temporary function; this overhead, some of the "famous" website, is not an ordinary worker wages; plus the technical staff feel that there is a certain social significance of this work, their effort to produce their own ", agreed on the website is not profitable, all voluntary labor, so all of our website overhead, not compulsory labor and technical personnel, a little money is the domain name and space rental. We plan to upgrade when the number of visitors is up and the server can not afford the load. We hope that the day of the upgrade will arrive early, ^_^


everyone on the network with enthusiasm, consciousness of division of labor, hard working. We have tens of millions of billions of dollars in capital, since it didn’t want to let the capital to rule us some "arrogant, conceited" capital we declined, we welcome the injection of capital, but we will not make capital slaves! In order to reduce operating costs, we as far as possible the use of Open Management Branch different permissions, manage different projects. You can join our team any time you want to, as long as you know the operation of the computer and ask for it.

we don’t really care about profitability, and we are more concerned with summarizing experience. But to our surprise, such a professional website, no advertising in our case, only registered four more search engines only; unexpectedly, only a few months, members will reach hundreds, you know, this is something a lot of relevant professional members. The enterprise should we give them to do publicity, how can we not gratified?

through the China leather alliance opened, and now Internet users continues to increase, in fact, the Internet is booming in China; the reason why it is called the Internet era is the Main Flood flood, some low threshold of the company involved in making everyone on the Internet is too high, not.