do stand for more than half a year, maybe today finally feel gratified, my (Guangxi logistics information network) IP has exceeded 700, master, veteran don’t laugh at me, for me, this has been regarded as a little progress, today to share my experience and experience.

      last month in the webmaster network write (unfortunately, 45% have me) when the mood is very bad, fortunately you webmaster friends to my encouragement and support, here again thank you. After writing that article, take a friend’s encouragement and confidence on the road. I have targeted the site has been revised, first, optimize the web page code, to reduce the capacity of a single page, and two is to adjust the column navigation, so that the column classification is clear, so that visitors can quickly find information. Speaking of column classification problem, think in the construction site is the most troublesome column classification with CMS a day, you can build a N station, is good, but you always have to involve column classification, one input, I am not lazy, has tried to do an industry station, there are more than 200 product categories a column. Furthermore, if the column classification is not clear, visitors can only be in a hurry, because he couldn’t find him more interested in information, so industry classification is especially important. A simple navigation will multiply your traffic.

        after a week of revision, the new version finally on-line, I chose the Forum promotion, did not choose to stick it, because he did not win the grasp. I went to some well-known domestic logistics forum for promotion, I did not blindly send links, but really seriously answer some of the problems of users, in the final answer to paste the web site. Would you say, "you go to the logistics forum to answer questions, can you answer it?" Actually, my major is logistics. Now, every day before the forum to flow over about two hundred or three hundred, which can prove that the forum is very effective promotion.

      finally said that looking for Links problems, many new Adsense said the chain to find, do not know where to find, especially the PR value high, I can successfully find a few links to PR4, PR3 also have several. My approach is, from friendship station friendship chain start, just like making friends, friends of friends is easy to become friends, this method of success rate is very high.

      night fighting, sleepless nights, and believe that many webmaster live like this, sometimes I really feel tired, want to rest but no sleep, because the heart is still in our website, we do stand in with a belief, faith makes us strong and confident and even if we fail, we will not be discouraged, because we are a group of warriors, a firm belief, the warriors are not afraid of failure.

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