Is the enterprise contact on the

recruitment website open to display?

Whether the

recruitment website contact is related to the public display of talent website organizer for web site operators management mode, in terms of the place, if there is a personal webmaster operation of the local talent website, generally there will be at least 2 or more competition in the local recruitment website, which is sponsored by the local Labor Bureau or the recruitment of talent market the website and personal Adsense operation recruitment website.

first, I sum up the advantages and disadvantages of both, and how they operate:

one, openly check



1, no registration, convenient for old age and low computer level job seekers.

2, the recruitment of enterprises will increase the number of telephone calls.


1, the number of resumes is reduced, and the number of resumes is increased slowly.

2 and HR are frequently asked for an interview, which may affect normal work.

3 and HR can not understand the basic information of the other party, can not grasp the initiative in time.

4, the recruitment effect inefficient, only suitable for general workers, waiters and other low-end jobs.

operation mode

1, full disclosure, free enterprise also can publish, display job information.

2, not publicly available, free enterprise cannot publish and display job information.

two, login to view


increase the amount of membership registration, resume library, etc..

will increase the number of resumes sent by your position.

HR can read more resumes and take the initiative.

applicants have a relatively high level of culture and education.


The number of

recruiters will be reduced.

need to login, not convenient to many general job seekers.

operation mode

1 and semi public, after landing, free enterprise contact can also view.

2, not open, login, free enterprise contacts still can not be displayed.


government sponsored talent website earlier in many places are public nature, and local talent market recruitment management, in recent years, due to the rapid development of network recruitment, many places began to pay attention to online recruitment, online recruitment has gradually put out to set up independent special operations department.

this to some originally run the talented person website the stationmaster, is many one formidable competitor (this article does not discuss temporarily 58, goes to the market to invite applications for employment and so on).

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