recently read Eric Ries Lean Startup this book, harvest a lot of The. Reading notes have not yet been completed, but a small piece of the book on the description of large business entrepreneurs I am very interested in, so today, while thinking about the record.

1, entrepreneurs in large enterprises

said entrepreneurs, most people think of Internet start-ups now huge crowds of people, in fact, as described in the book, there are large enterprises and entrepreneurs may exist.

entrepreneurs everywhere. You don’t have to worry about in the garage is a business. Anyone who works in my definition of a startup is an entrepreneur. The so-called new venture is in the uncertain situation, individual institutions to develop new products and services for the purpose of setting up the. This means that entrepreneurs are everywhere, and lean entrepreneurial approach can be applied to all walks of life, in any size of the company, or even a huge enterprise."

in fact, many large enterprises have the presence of internal entrepreneurs, but they may not call themselves entrepreneurs, more companies are responsible for the new business line, the person in charge of innovative products, etc.. Large enterprises occupy the absolute advantage in their own fields, in the market, process, technology, personnel and cultural dimensions of mature, existing products will be more stable, more and more strong, but companies need disruptive innovation to stimulate the production of new outbreaks, find new markets and opportunities, fields and interests point. At this time, large enterprises will continue to produce innovative sectors.

book has a precise description of the enterprise’s innovation needs:

companies often fall into such a situation: they are very good at gradually improving existing products, to serve existing customers, that is, Christensen said, "continuous innovation". However, companies in the development of breakthrough new products on the struggle, and it is this "disruptive innovation" to create a new source of growth."

working in New York in 2007, I work in the New York branch of Ericsson, where the Department called mobile innovation division, in fact, is a large company internal venture example. The mobile web has just started, ahead of the Internet Co began to promote "move ahead of the wave, Ericsson began to cooperate with partners to develop mobile products, help partners to" transfer of service to mobile phone, for example, National Geographic, NASCAR, cartoon channel etc.. At that time, I feel very deep is that large enterprises are very entrepreneurial colleagues.

New York times square Grace Building, office, half of Ericsson’s traditional business colleagues every day, half is serious in speech and manner in Western dress and leather shoes,; Department of entrepreneurship, dressed in a typical New York style, every day to discuss new mobile technologies, testing hundreds of mobile phone, the discussion about the drama, playing baseball, watching the car what >