what is Web2.0, the highest point is the webmaster, wearing expensive suits, sitting in luxury office, watching the website users constantly provide you with content. Again, the constant user comes to see the content. The stationmaster holds a cell phone, calls and advertisers, talking about his own traffic and advertising prices. Now all I have to say is break this fantasy.

we look at Chinese, how much of this station, to rent a virtual host, website to download a program and is usually a forum, and then put up, operation, go to other people forum. Such websites in China dare not say there are one hundred thousand, there are nine. What is more, take some resources to collect, to their own BBS hair, dude, you think you are a search engine ah?.

want to say here is people, the day before the forum met a man, said outside the hustling posted a day, but only 100 IP, others. Just look at the light in the water, no registration, not to mention the post. This is why, because the site lacks content, the lack of exclusive content. Users do not stop long, there is no posting atmosphere. The webmaster wants the content to be posted by the user. The user comes to see the content. The Internet is like this, most people come to see the content, only a small number of people are sending content, which is why some people do not see the stick. This is the essence of the Internet, that is, to the web ten will not change. As a webmaster, it faces a problem, whether the chicken or the egg first. In fact, many webmasters now fall into the trap of web2.0.

The ultimate ideal of

Web2.0 has not been realized, one of the most typical is the Baidu Post Bar, a Sina blog, Baidu search engine is Post Bar on what day, there are so many people to search, it only slightly adjust the program. High post bar priority, then a lot of traffic on the post bar, and this is to send advertising people, you can from Beijing Baidu platoon to Shanghai Baidu. There is a Sina blog, is headed by Xu Jinglei on celebrity blog. Here Sina uses the resources in the entertainment industry. If you can let Jay Chou in your forum every day you can also made a fire, but you could get Jay Chou? ADmin5 forum, is to go to Web2.0, but you have to provide him stationmaster service? So to Web2.0 is to consume a large number of traditional resources. Small station does not have so many resources at all, go to web2.0. Maybe you’re smart enough to make a very high-end system, but you don’t know. You have worked hard to develop big, but what is the result? Those big companies can imitate your system in a month and mobilize traditional resources. Easy on you, and even the fate of the direct acquisition.

said the Internet again God is a God to the media, said the media is two channels, one is the content of the supply channels, you have the ability to go to Web2.0, allowing users to buy your content, the content of others to no ability, no skill, it.