has been in Shanghai for seven years and has made leaps and bounds in his career. He has lived a period of bitterness. However, now looking back the seven years it is these troubles eventually become my way to the opportunity, let me have the OK life situation – 7 million worth, for some brothers is probably not worth mentioning, but I think most of friends may also temporarily did not reach this state, has no intention of showing off, I know a lot of friends will be successful, will be much better than me, so will I experience interest, I decided to settle down, to write some text, hope it will not let my friends down.

today, I have an idea in my mind that is clear: love, love, is the best motivation and the best drive for a man to succeed. And not your vanity, or what you call ambition. As a man, the first thing is to have what you really love. It will inspire your abilities like an atom bomb, and you will break out with boundless momentum, and God will be moved for you. Such a state is what everyone dreams of.

friends, maybe you don’t agree with me. Let’s not argue about it first. You should look at my experience first and see if it makes sense.

1, Shanghai

in 1999, I resigned from the state office I had just assigned, from Xinjiang to Shanghai. I think the smug, by virtue of their own strength and effort must be able to gain a foothold in the metropolis, a belongs to own a piece of the sky.

I was born in 1976 in Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Rizhao and plateau climate, so that my stature is as tall and straight as the white poplar, although looks dare not say handsome and extraordinary, but it also makes most people do not hate. I grew up studying, can be said to be excellent, the University admitted to the top 5 of the country’s key universities, was assigned 98 years, the father is afraid of hard work, I must go back to do a leisure stable civil servants. I think I can experience the following things, and then go back to the autonomous region of Xinjiang go-vern-ment. A few months later, the Department and colleagues got extremely ripe, drinking, bragging, Zha Yan view color skills improved fast, but that work is really a waste of life, grinding youth, decided to resign, go to Shanghai to work hard. Ha ha, now my classmates in Xinjiang also mix very well. It’s a different personality.

I majored in economics and management, was not sensible, high self-esteem, to Shanghai I was stupid: these people don’t want their business, there are certain skills, to the director general of the people, I like this work did not make people who did not provide training opportunities. Classmates and friends have found a job, and I can not make it low, and see the money coming slowly to the bottom, and this is more and more urgent – is there really no place here for me,


3 months later, I finally found one to make myself full for the time being