wrote a few days ago "in the IIS log 200064 (sc-win32-status) state" mentioned in the phenomenon of the most common saying, that is "Baidu spider left 64 means that the page will be K or into sandbox".

today finally persuaded the server administrator to provide a company by Baidu, Google, Yahoo K website IIS log download, use written yesterday "IIS Web log analysis system to query analysis.

from 24 to 30 in the past 7 days, usually use a few search engines have crawling records every day. So, even if the site is blocked, search engines continue to crawl and observe.

started talking about Baidu’s 200064 question:

within 7 days of search engine Baidu is the only left several 64, following record contains only the home page Http status 200 screenshot [does not contain sub state, query: Baidu spider + page +IP+Http state to the +win32 state]:


The Baidu IP

29 began to grab the home page is 2000, from third to fifth for 64, but the server is 0 bytes sent, received bytes is greater than 0, 30 began to become 2000, and this 2 days in addition to add information outside the home did not change.

I think that doesn’t mean that some people’s statements are wrong. Take a look at the screenshot below. [query criteria: date + time, +IP+ page, +HTTP status]:

declares: "this IP is my local IP.".


25, the first record is normal, after 3 seconds, I refresh the home page, appear 64.

35 seconds and then refresh [because the speed is very slow at the time, this time is still not open 64, HTTP], but the state is 206 [206 – server has completed the part of the user’s GET request], that a part has been completed, but before sending appeared 64.

fourth records of Win32 actually appeared 1236 [1236 0x04D4] local system has terminated network connection, that is to say the server has been completed as part of the request has not yet sent, I was forced to stop the local implementation of the page.

then look at the screenshot of 64 other viewers:


can be seen, not just Baidu will leave 64, anyone may leave 64, this only when the server "will appear when the specified network name is no longer available", and this time the server >