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appears to be in the limelight after Pinterest in the shopping guide mode also only in China has been rapid development, but this pattern is not copied by foreign monks, on the contrary, the soil Chinese Internet environment is the real determinant — we need to guide.

can’t count on search engines

in 2006, Baidu did its own electricity supplier website, "yes" after, Taobao "sealed" the entrance of Baidu. This move is very critical, although Baidu is still very profitable advertising on the electricity supplier, but Baidu has essentially lost the online retail market.

why is it essentially lost? Because it has lost the user’s behavior, which is a very serious phenomenon, when shopping online, no one needs a search engine. So, in the judgment of many people, online shopping = Taobao.

at the same time, in other markets Chinese outside, there will be such a phenomenon: a B2C, an independent business, he has a large part of the natural flow, it is not the flow of money, in addition to spend money on advertising traffic from search engines C2C. But this is not true in China. In China, there are some CPM brand ads from search engines or the flow of display ads, rather than clicking on advertising traffic, because users don’t go away from Baidu at all.

doesn’t talk about whether users can find it. Today’s situation is that users don’t search. Our data from the point of view, dress in Taobao 10-20w a day in Baidu search, only a few hundred; jeans in Taobao 10W a day of searching, while Baidu is only two hundred or three hundred, while the two hundred or three hundred is basically not a user search behavior, search behavior, business practitioners.

and search is a rolling ecology, when the user does not go, its reptiles climb things can not be updated and optimized, in addition, today’s B2C data is very messy. Baidu in the field of electricity supplier value only two aspects: parity and knowledge. Parity is mainly 3C category, suitable for price competition, but the price parity problem, the price of Jingdong can be changed dozens of times a day. Also, there are standardized commodities, because it requires knowledge. Baidu is the rest of the price and knowledge, in other areas there is no online sales flow. If you have to add, there are hao123 to bring traffic to the merchant. If Baidu is still desperately selling advertising to B2C today, it will make B2C increasingly feel that Baidu is worthless. Baidu needs at least 2-3 years to do one thing well: to restore the user’s behavior, not to make much money.

in this context, businesses can’t count on search engines.

Why do

merchants need shopping guide?