profit model refers to the channels for enterprises to make money, and is a key to support the development of enterprises. Therefore, for any enterprise, it is necessary to gradually form a viable profit model and business structure to maintain. And the main way to buy a website is to rely on the participation of consumers, product sales, or business resources as a source of profits. Need to constantly explore for their own development of the profit model, so that we can let the group buying site continued development, in the market to gain higher competitive advantage. Here are some of the profit sharing websites:

one, product sales

buy site can cooperate with businesses, through the help of trademark sales products, access to product sales rebates, which is in the group buying site profit, relatively basic traditional profit methods. Individual outstanding group buys a website to also can cooperate with the enterprise of third square electron business affairs, can bring bad profit likewise.

two, advertising profit

because buy Group website is belonged to place commonly, its advertisement accuracy is close to classification information, accordingly, can attract a lot of businessman to put advertisement. For this kind of advertising platform with more accurate and lower price than classified information, most businesses are willing to accept it. Of course, advertising profits should be built on the premise that the site has a certain amount of traffic.

three, merchant service charge

group buying websites can also promote new products for merchants through the promotion of new products for trademarks, and form long-term cooperative relationships with merchants to charge merchants for promotion. In addition, additional services such as user surveys and satisfaction surveys can be added to improve service quality. At present, many group buying websites have these services.

four, transaction commission

this means of profit can be said to be the basic way to buy a website profit. The basic function of the website is the group purchase as an intermediate platform of businesses and consumers, through with the business cooperation, then launched a group purchase activities, when after the end, then businesses will sell products from the profits, dividends to a part of group purchase website. At the same time, this is also a way to improve the popularity of the website.

five, affiliate license fee

in the network, a lot of group buying website want to use the mode of commodity direct sales to improve product sales, as well as profitability, then we must constantly expand the market model. For example, the general buy site will be established in different cities, sub stations, in order to expand the market, but this call means that you have to pay a lot of manpower and resources to maintain. Therefore, many sites will choose these different city sub station, through the franchise to outsource to other teams to do, to get franchise fees.

is a successful web site must be profitable profit, lost profits, so the site will be unable to support, eventually forced to close for.