every morning to watch the news, Sina, Baidu, grassroots network and webmaster network is the four web site that I have to go to. But all along, I’ve only got a lot of knowledge and experience from the webmaster, but I never thought about sharing. Recently read "hundreds of platforms: Hu Xueyan’s inspiration", only to understand a truth: share, not only in helping others, but also to help yourself; and blindly take, will only let you lose more.

so, from today on, I’ll do something that I can do to help the webmaster, write more useful experiences, share more experience, and publicize the webmaster network as much as possible. If everybody does this, webmaster net will be more powerful, we can see more good articles, learn more knowledge, experience, find more business opportunities.

Abstract: before 2006, I had a monthly salary + bonus of more than 5000 yuan a good job, the work content is simple and do not need to work overtime, but every day with me is painful and hesitant. In August 2006, when I quit my job, I became a small station owner. The average daily income is only 20 yuan, but I feel very full and happy everyday.


one, I have a restless heart,

due to major in college after graduation, I found a love he does not work, the treatment is good, more than 5000 yuan monthly salary + bonus, work content is simple and does not need to work overtime, this should be a good job in the eyes of many people.

but every day with me is pain and a loss. Because I have a restless heart, not reconciled, so in the prosperity of slowly exhausted their passion, lost their ideals. I didn’t even know what I wanted to be in that carefree life, because I didn’t have the pressure of life and no motivation to move forward.

on August 2006, I formally resigned and started a full-time career as a webmaster. Choose to do webmaster, there is only one reason, that is, like, because you like, so do things particularly hard.

as expected, without work and steady income, I had to struggle for a living every day. In adversity, however, I learn more and have more power.

before the resignation, every day to eat there is nothing more than to go sightseeing, KTV, what to buy mobile phone computer and so on; after the resignation, every day is how to exercise the ability to continue to profit, a sustainable profit opportunities, where. Before and after the contrast, the difference can be imagined, when you exercise the ability to continue to profitability, even in the face of economic crisis, there is no need to worry, even if the whole world is not afraid.

two, the webmaster career is full of failures and setbacks, but it makes me full and happy

More than two years after

‘s resignation, I have experienced numerous failures and setbacks, and there have been times of indecision and pain