webmaster, the main purpose of doing the station is to make money, like playing blog, playing space those, just in broad sense. Can only drink the northwest wind. There is a good stationmaster. The website is stationmaster’s rice bowl, so Baidu has become the boss of many stationmaster. Accidentally, you fired the site, and then is to make money. General Adsense now is hanging advertising money, big have, GG, Baidu, Ali mom. But there are many webmaster to survive is to rely on small advertising to make money, like Qi run (net weight, not recommended), easy special, there are a lot of this type of advertising alliance. Of course, more garbage station owners rely on the exchange chain to survive. The exchange chain was originally an exchange based alliance. You give him 1 IP, and he gives you a IP. This is the basic mode of the exchange chain, in fact, the exchange chain there is one of the most important model, that is, cumulative clicks, used in exchange for commissions. Their pictures or advertising words are usually full of temptation and click higher. (of course, it’s an alliance like Ali’s mother). Recommend movie station, picture station, feel the website has a little color site can hang the exchange chain advertising. The advantage of the exchange chain is that the Commission is paid by the week. A week with 100 payment, ICBC or Alipay pay, unlike GG, collect money to be half a year. Another advantage is that the rule is not so strict, many webmaster do GG for a long time before the full $100, but the relentless GG said you cheated, that time is really tears, immediately said the swap chain you cheat, seal your ID, with customer service said, basically all right. No big deal, then sign up for a ID.

, here’s how to choose the swap chain:

1: General swap chain buckle quantity are more serious, so, this time you need to choose according to the word of mouth, and the worst is in the code on the horse (currently only 733 League so shameless). I have done a lot, the Qixi Festival, 779, 28link, and a bunch of didn’t get the money exchange chain, now I have been doing is the 28 chain, because the chain exchange was just not for a long time, so the deduction amount can be ignored, for most of the week is 2000 dollars, the money in time. Management also has its own website, the day IP hundreds of thousands of it, the exchange chain is just one of their way to get IP. So there is no cheating or with money may.

2: the swap chain is the most important picture shows faster, so as not to drag the speed of the site, but also get more hits, 28 chain, with the 779 7C images show the velocity is relatively fast, the eight party said 3 100 single server, but the picture shows the speed really dare not say, often send me a big red.

is the price, namely 3; 1000 Click to 7C after the convertibility of the RMB, tax deduction is more than 21, 77918, 28 and 18, eight 15 ^_^. (according to the price, and we don’t think the price deduction amount is good, I think the 28 exchange chain this ratio is good, so I >