first met the Internet in 2001, when I first went to college. The first time I started the station was in 2003, when I was still playing legend.

actually, I don’t know what a personal website is at that time, that is, I want to make a personal homepage and want to have a home of my own on the internet. So everywhere to find free space, static and dynamic, in short, what all want to use. Anyway, all under the network program, ASP, PHP, CGI, in short, is very satisfied with the vanity at that time.

with graduation approaching, the pressure of work, so all the things about the site have to give up. Until September 2008, re entering the Chinaz forum, to see their youth in the flying age of words left behind. Feeling excited and sad.

in the myriad emotion time, often YY once: if at that time insisted that does stands the words, in the heart has not given up that young time pursue, I started to pay attention to the Internet again, pays attention to the personal stationmaster. Visit the hooligan blog, read the story of Li Xingping, the feeling of the graph king appeal…… I re raised already stopped footsteps. Everything is new, learning CMS, learning SEO, learning the idea of building a station, it seems that you will never learn. Self feeling has gone a lot, playing the road, from the choice of domain names, the entry of the theme, the analysis of competitiveness… Everything is groping.

is here to share some of your ideas with you,

1, domain name

if you want to build a website and want to be a station of your own, please choose your domain name carefully. There’s only one principle: remember,


2, subject

if you want to build a station of your own, please choose your topic carefully. There are so many things to consider: your time and energy, and your knowledge. Do not have time and energy do not do information station, do not have professional knowledge, do not do industry station…

3, competitive

site now, only you can not think of, as long as you can think of, basically, some people are doing. What’s your leverage? What unique services can you provide for your users?

I think, therefore I am. Think much, think twice before you stand.

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