Yu Jun is one of the earliest China search engine research and promotion, is the core and leader of Baidu product design, led the design of the Baidu search, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know almost all users of Baidu products nine years ago.

this period, investment will share with you a thorough consideration of the Daniel, have a heart of Mr. Yu Jun summary methodology do Baidu search, Baidu Post Bar and management team in this paper.


, 1., two rivers,

a lot of people mentioned that when I was in Baidu, they talked and searched for these two products. This time, I would like to talk to you about my experience in making these two products and some of the experiences I have summed up.

in my opinion, the Internet is free, users use search engines while not to pay money, but there is a price, is the cost of time, so let users in the shortest possible time to get what you want most is the most cost-effective service.

search engine is a very different thing to have a sense of crisis, and later the rise of social products, the search engine is just a tool, the user switching cost is very low, as long as a few seconds, and the search engine is 7× 24 hours of service. Therefore, you have to constantly better than others in the user experience, we will insist on choosing you.

in fact, when the two search engines in competing users, like the two rivers meet, if a river level than another river level high cm, the stream is flowing into another river, until the two river horizontal flat. In the same way, if your search quality and user experience are better than others, users of other search engines will continue to flow to you, knowing that users are flowing every minute.

one of my frequently mentioned products at Baidu is the post bar. The inspiration comes from my search log, found that many people in the search for the same keyword, if I want to put these people with a common interest together and communicate on common interests, not can not contribute more information on the web.

from this, Baidu has created the largest BBS in Chinese Internet history: any user can create any post for any keyword and write information about it, while others can find them through search engines. In this sense, Baidu post bar can become an endless number of BBS.

2. my product methodology

in fact, when you make a product, the cost of input is not very high, there is no need to consider commercial behavior, you only need to consider user needs. In addition, the profit is the flow of Internet products, can not be forced, with reputation, the user will take the initiative to help you design a profit model.

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