"I’ve been doing what I love to do, it’s important, or else you can’t hold on." Played ten years of play, Zheng Kai finally red, because a fart. When a reporter asked what he thought about a famous, Zheng Kai’s answer is: "at least I have a fart, a lot of people struggle even half a lifetime not fart."

Feng Xiaogang thought that Zheng Kai is in line with the characteristics of "Feng Nanlang" — not serious, not adjusted, unreasonable, appearing "bad bulkhead".

he would like to open an advertising company, do tide card, he went to cross-border business, investment. When the rich experience, the stronger the ability, Zheng Kai does not meet the "actor" identity. "Do what you love to do, step by step to enjoy every stage of it, and look back, and your dreams come true step by step."

the following two parts, from entrepreneurs to investors, about Zheng Kai’s multiple cross-border identity.

Part one: entrepreneurship

1 starts with P from

like Zheng Kai, does is make a prompt decision. Speaking of entrepreneurship, but also to return to a fart fame". Recording the first quarter, running man, Zheng Kai because the leak event was a small partner ridicule". But at the time there was a friend suggested: simply from the black in the end, to do a self ridicule P pants". Zheng Kai a listen to agree, say dry.

a price of 222 yuan of pants, the first month to sell the more than 5 thousand, flowing water, Zheng Kai, shocked by the about 1000000.

November 2014, Zheng Kai tide card DUEPLAY official operations.

tide brand in addition to creative design, promotion also need to create new styles. Zheng Kai started from the film, mining IP derivatives. From the "pancake man" to "the former Raiders 2", "Mermaid" and so on. In the use of large IP film resources more and more skilled, while receiving the stars and fans sought after.

prior to the interview, Zheng Kai also concluded: "step by step down, I found that this is one way, one actor created a wave of cards, and then to serve in his drama, and other movies."

May 2015, Zheng Kai has become a Hongkong tide shop DAHOOD shareholders.

DAHOOD is Hongkong’s first multi brand limited sneaker boutique, is a fashion experience store. According to the atmosphere of the scene to convert customized music, to provide customers with freshly ground coffee, so that customers try to limit the global fashion shoes. According to personal style and preferences, with the right tide shoes and fashion.

2 join pan entertainment company

playing games, but also one of Zheng Kai’s hobbies. 2014, Zheng Kai, a joint partner of the joint venture in Beijing, the establishment of stone Digital Technology Co., ltd..

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