recently heard a bang "was popular on the web version of" sad Pacific webmaster, first listen "sad the Pacific Ocean" is in 97 years, it was junior high school, the same melody, not the same feeling, perhaps the identity change. I was just a student know your fuel; now I was a grassroots webmaster into society.

thinks of the stationmaster and thinks of AD. Link and induce clicks…… More and more markets have not been, and where needs to break, where there will be innovation. Alternative AD way is also quietly rising, "webmaster edition sad Pacific" is a good example, there are leaves Teng’s "office dog barking", "happy" webmaster "a webmaster appointment" and so on. Such AD forms might be more in tune with the look of appetite.

today in the group to listen to the boss said the Forum opened a new version of the block, creative AD unlimited, webmaster AD crazy.

         ;     from 9.16 to 10.16. The creation of your ad techniques and exquisite beyond compare the promotion of creative promotion. Prose, poetry, serialized, broke the news, humor, DV, speculation, advertising quietly silent, creative endless. The end of the month before the 6 AD evaluation of creative promotion, each reward 50 yuan in cash, in addition we will send your creative ad to the home page and other relevant information. A decent ad opportunity, any webmaster can directly posted on the forum. Your article and ideas directly to it.

              read Bangui, triggered a knife in, with the increase of pressure, a guitar has been ignored for years. Just go out and find the previous band of brothers, please their lyrics music, and strive for the webmaster friends offer me this song is "stationmaster" the clear folk performance, not only for coins, tell more friends, I am proud, I am proud, because I am the master.

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