Related problems will arise in the process of operation

journal website domain name registration, space rental, the website for the record, web application, template and its production, website update, PR website, Links and website profit, based on the published journal beans network as an example for you one by one, I hope to help you.

Domain name for

web site

bean published journal net this domain name is registered in the first station network domain name registration center, the reason for using the domain name, because of the intention is to prepare the station, because thesis is the graduation thesis, then did not find better and this long is OK, because of a momentary impulse until 2012 April, after the registration, although the domain name is spent, but always feel a bit like a little time domain benefits, be self consolation, if in my intention it has at least domain name, plus CN and the like, as long as no more than seven OK. The opening of this domain, one is not to waste, two years is a little relatively better, three is for too much trouble.

space rental

2012 April, in order to facilitate and consider the cost factor, in a technology company in Wuhan to rent a room, 240 yuan / year /100M, and prepare the matter, as if it is 20 days through the record, and program production, spent more than a month on the line, because the journal website has many pictures. After two months that the site was slow, want to change a good point of space, but because of the space business is mainly for the enterprise, so the cost is high, there is no way, had to make do with, at the beginning of June, because the space is not enough, I find some space on the site, such as Koda, Chinese name, such as if all the same, finally found the nets have 1000 yuan a year /7G flat-share, chose it, has the following main factors, one is the procedure of reason, two is the webmaster network reputation, professional, three Sensory performance can also be beneficial to long-term development.

website operating space website for chapter

bean published journal net as before in order to facilitate the registration in Wuhan for the record, now update the space business, did not update any measures, but ignored the change communication and space business registration information, the general did not seriously, didn’t seem to have two weeks of record number was canceled, is really a headache ah, the site was closed Links, cancelled, and included PR no, no snapshot for the record again, I spent more than two months, space is empty, the basic work is really vanish like soap bubbles some time ago, hardly wished to live., tears.

website operating space, website update, website PR, links section

until the beginning of October through the filing, and record spent hundreds of dollars, I began to revisit to a career in the online passion, every day of the original update 20 articles, a weekly exchange to two.