Now the

website for the difficulty seems to be growing, several domestic large hosting providers are beyond the reach of the new site! Must be 20 working days to review the record information, in order to open the website.

if your site is not anxious to open that is not what can anxiety, but for some enterprises especially urgent need to immediately open corporate website, a method to solve the problem it is anchored to a record number of sites, the record in this case you just add the site to submit information you can.

but this is not to say that it is a no danger of anything going wrong, my site because when adding a little negligence, resulting in more than a month can not open the site, now had to find a server before the opening, not only to spend a host of money, also abandoned the optimization hard to do before the!

below with graphic representations I experience the record process (to remind you that the site should pay attention to the details of the record!)

filing is primarily for reporting, while the two protagonists are website organizers and server access providers;

, as the web site owner, submits the information to the server access provider to verify that the information is accurate.

When the

server access provider submits the information, please don’t show any low-level errors below. See Figure:


, two sites put together, how careless!

The trouble with

is that the website is suspended and the audit is to be re calculated for 20 working days. It is not possible to pass, but the facts are unexpected. See figure


didn’t think the record but also by the local information Management Bureau audit, game station was incorporated into the spiritual and cultural nature of site category, need to submit documents to the local part of the management review, previously did not expect this part of the country, thought it was just an institution that audit bureau fuse! Think of things to solve immediately is in sight, had to temporarily change the host!

provinces (municipalities) communications authority filing work Tel:, id=81

reminder: change the host can only solve the urgency of the moment, it is recommended through the normal channels for the record, you can wait until your record number down, and then change back to a guaranteed host provider.