to write a big update as value in the Baidu 26 big adjustment as well as the P, because of Baidu’s temper is elusive, so we continue to study, for small and medium-sized webmaster, Baidu does not adhere to the original, insist too profound to be understood, update, you will ultimately succeed.

May 27, 2008, this day should be a historic day for my secretary web. This day, Baidu to my station has collected ten thousand, regarded as "ten thousand yuan households". Also, that is, the Pr value has reached 5, which should be the double recognition of the two major search engines. I think, on this day, many webmaster also very happy, hope the happiness.

In fact,

station has been doing more than a year, and worked hard to do a secretary chowder. It’s not easy to think about it. The website is very clean. It’s just like raising a child. Among them, hard ordinary people are difficult to appreciate, stay up all night routine, get blood pressure, blood sugar, blood pressure are very high, remember what this is for what?


is the life, a lot of pressure, a secretarial staff, take an examination of the civil servants, life is not easy, good for nothing is scholar, do not leave. Coupled with the business downturn, can only find some hope on the network, yes, I found that the site conforms to the personality of my class, that is, focus and perseverance.

secretarial staff, in addition to writing, what will? On network technology, I don’t know, of course, through this period of accumulation, is a number. Remember, at the beginning, because of the lack of understanding of the billboard Baidu keyword, do wrong keywords, brought to the site of Baidu K station loss, then because the server is not stable, resulting in the search engine can not access, that was silent for a period of time, counted for a year as a station, but the real effect is three or four months, take a lot of detours, but then a tutor, I think this teacher is a station network, since this period of time, has been diving, always steal the webmaster online experience, this site is the road farther and wider.

is also a success, the following to talk about doing station experience, inappropriate, please correct me.

first, adhere to the original, insist on updating every day. This is the main, because I am a secretarial staff, so this resource is still there, plus the usual is to get this, so writing naturally without words, the original must be the real thing, don’t get those false original, don’t put Baidu as a fool, so the best original is changed from A to Z end, so, Baidu will you frequently visit the station every day to visit.

two is to ensure server stability. This, I deeply appreciate, does not damage the stable server of the site is very large, will make you hard into nothingness, I do stand is because it is cheap (there is no way, impecunious) server instability caused by the visit, interruption, naturally there is no flow, let you three or four months no results. A few days ago, I looked at the webmaster network on behalf of the server, and communicate with the service staff, but also have this intention, I >!