Abstract: Although the online marketplace Jet.com has not been on the line yet, it has received a new round of $140 million financing for nearly $600 million in valuation. Few e-commerce start-ups can get such high valuations before they are officially released.

Mark · lore is the founder of Quidsi, the company’s most popular website is Diapers.com. After years of playing with Amazon’s price war, the company was sold to Amazon lore. After spending more than two years in the Amazon, he now set up Jet.com and is ready to fight Amazon again.

, although online marketplace Jet.com has not been launched yet, has secured a new round of $140 million financing with a valuation of nearly $600 million. Very few e-commerce start-ups can achieve such a high valuation before they are officially released.

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, a historic business district in the city center of New Jersey, known as restaurants, antique shops and art film theaters. Here is usually not a rich new start-up electricity supplier company, used to attack the plight of the global electricity supplier giants will choose office locations. But in Bloomfield street, an upscale pizza shop across from the parking lot of a three storey brick building, along with no marking on the stairs to the two floor, is the office of the Jet.com, the only 100 employees of start-ups is the history of the electricity supplier biggest bet one.

Jet founder Mark · (Marc, Lore); lore is the founder of Quidsi and former chief executive officer, the company’s most popular website is Diapers.com. He fought with Amazon for years, and then sold the company to Amazon for $550 million in 2010. Loray spent more than two years at Amazon, and now he’s ready to fight it again.

he wants to redefine wholesale shopping providers. Jet plans to open in January 2015, first for internal staff, relatives and friends, began in February 20, 2015 limited registration. It sells everything from clothing, books, electronics to baby products and sports equipment. The 90 day free trial period, users need to pay $49.99 annual fee before you can continue to use this website, claiming that Jet users can enjoy lore online than the lowest price low 10% to 15% discount.

, like many city markets (Costco), Jet plans to make money through membership fees, and all offers are transferred to buyers. In addition, with eBay and China’s electricity supplier giant Alibaba, Jet will be primarily a trading platform, other businesses can compete on their website, to provide customers with products. But the difference is that buyers can save more money if they can control the immediate gratification of the impulse and let Jet decide to deliver them at the lowest possible cost. For example, if shoppers choose multiple sets >