it is said that A5 can receive more than 200 manuscripts every day, and their influence and webmaster’s enthusiasm can be seen. The webmaster hard original, nothing for two purposes, one is to share the experience with their gains and losses in the process of operating a website to share the experience of the two is in at the same time, spread about the brand or building links. Do not help others, but also the achievements of their own, so many stations in Changle this is not he, insist to contribute A5 month after month and year after year. The author is a member, from 2009 accidental contact this website, and then log on every day to read to learn the knowledge, so that the later with everyone to contribute, along the way, although rough also learned a lot. The harvest is not only let the number of our links, from more than 100 up to now nearly twenty thousand, the optimization of the multiplier effect; also not only through this platform to know a lot of friends, the more important is that I firmly believe a truth: learn to forget, always adhere to the quality of hard to do, you will harvest more. Such as sharing experience, writing for A5, and so on.

I get new knowledge in thinking

is a Cartesian "I think therefore I am" the true saying, is this sentence let him become a representative of idealism. In fact, we should adhere to the dialectical materialism, and put aside the philosophical point of view, we should believe in an idealist. Thinking has become the basis of existence, so that thinking is so important. The same original writing can not be separated from thinking. This kind of thinking is not only an exploration of the unknown, but also a reflection of past experience. A few days ago, the author’s blog was banned, resulting in four hundred or five hundred articles, as well as keyword links articles, instant evaporation. The result is that the Shanghai website production company website snapshot repeated correction, the relevant keywords ranking also began to decline in different degrees. Is it a disaster for a blog to stand? This is a question worth pondering.

engaged in the website construction and the network marketing webmaster, write a few dozen or even what article is not difficult, but insist on writing month after month and year after year I’m afraid not everyone can do. One is time and perseverance, the other one is related to website construction and network marketing to make things so much, it is difficult to toss about a new empty. This time, thinking is very important, for example, write the domain name to buy, in fact, as long as divergent thinking, will choose a lot of sub propositions. From the perspective of optimization, how to choose domain name is a kind of, from the user experience point of view is also a kind of writing; from the point of view of brand marketing can say, from domain name analysis and DNS security, stability effect is also good. And in this thinking and remote process, but they unconsciously progress.

two, stick to the habit of

the most difficult thing in the world is persistence. It is consistent and persistent. Just like getting up and brushing your teeth in the morning, one day you suddenly can’t brush your teeth, but you feel uncomfortable. When it comes to becoming a habit, the road to success is near