winter is coming. Do the owners feel cold? What are we going to do in winter,


as Ma said: "yesterday was cruel, today is cruel, tomorrow is still cruel, the day after tomorrow will be nice, but most people die in the evening.".

, the title of the laggards, has changed to "the remnant is king, and the webmaster are going through the winter."

so, the webmaster have gone through the winter, no longer winter is the most important, so how to stand over the winter,


Baidu is still a straw

can not give up

no matter how Baidu’s situation now, how many negative factors affect Baidu, but we still have to master in the winter when Baidu seize this straw, after all, Baidu can we bring traffic, in the winter, more webmaster to actual things.

Title is important, but it can’t be too weird. It should correspond to the content. From our website, is a page title, that is to say the news headlines or download the title; from the perspective of a search engine, when we add content to consider, we add things to allow others to search, so we have to present the key words, is that others may words to search the content. But not too title party, which will increase the difficulty of search engines, because it does not know whether your title is true, so in the content should be appropriate to highlight our keywords.

but for Baidu, we can not do too much keywords, Baidu’s stop is artificial, Google, no matter how optimized, rarely stop you, but Baidu is different, people have the capital of cattle. If it comes to the content of cheating, cheating, cheating and other links to redirect, Baidu is not soft, the webmaster do not defy the law.

wholeheartedly for the "Internet users" service

no matter how Internet users is our webmaster Yisifumu, all in order to make your web site more pages and the influence of the Netizens feel, don’t try to change the habit of Internet users, but to cater to users habits.

For example,

is a lot of grassroots Adsense idolatrize Li Xingping, hao123’s success is the real reason it caught the vast majority of Internet users need to save keyboard usage, popular point that they love to point to not enter the URL in the address bar of the base, because they are less likely to use the keyboard, so click on the link to be much faster than the input URL, easier, or more convenient.

Li Xingping is just for the Internet users to serve, before they can create great value through Internet users.

when everyone is blind, there is a chance of profit,

when everyone is blind, the more opportunities, the opportunity is profitable, so that the owners in the hibernation of the same