line on the site, do not know the optimization, also known as SEO, suffered for a long time, only the PR value is only 1 of my confidence is really a big blow.

originally thought it was easy to do a web site, do a good job in the database, get some pretty fancy pages, make sure the content is full, and the traffic on the site will rise in a straight line. In fact, I have always been relatively dismissive of the site, I feel dismissive, including my friends, classmates, most of them are learning computers, are working in foreign companies, I heard that I do website, a face disdain. But it’s not so easy to do it. Fastidious but incompetent, empty talk.

was later optimized, and the ranking on baidu was very close. For example, celebrity blogs (Zhu Ziyan), Hu Jing’s wedding photos, can be on the first or the first page.

I wrote an article: beauty from entry to master a share, in fact, this problem is not, is the editor of the A5 in order to attract eyeball was changed to beauty, this is understandable, but many people said, it is estimated that also boasts beautiful, dinosaur. Dinosaurs weren’t, but they didn’t dare to call themselves beauties.

I also mentioned in that article that PR always stops, although PR is 3 now, but after all, it took 5 months to get to 3, just like a snail.

Google’s algorithm is obviously different from Baidu, so even in Baidu, the results are very near, in Google can not find a few pages. Distressed depressed! But the site now traffic is still mainly rely on search engines, even if the content to attract people, others can not find my site to look for a needle in the ocean. So Google unfriendly, I have to pay attention to. It’s still struggling.

In fact,

, standing for himself, sometimes very depressed, can not see hope, rather than selling things, although not rich, but the total income ah, now not only spending, no income; sometimes full of confidence, think of a bright future. In any case, do not give up casually. My web site is