Webmaster Station, the most thing I hope is that website can automatically complete the automatic acquisition, automatic pseudo original, then money, this is the happiest thing in the world, ha ha. Automatic collection and automatic collection of money is not discussed, I will introduce how to use the old Y article management system, automatic acquisition of pseudo original method.

old Y article management system is simple and convenient to use, although the function is not as good as DEDE, powerful almost to the extent of metamorphosis (of course, the old Y article management system is written in ASP language, also seems to be not comparable), but the others have, and is simple, it has also been a lot of webmasters welcome. Old Y article management system acquisition automatically complete pseudo original specific methods, very few people explore, in the old Y forum, and even someone selling this method, a little disdain.

on the acquisition, I will not say more, I believe that everyone can fix, I would like to introduce the specific methods of the old Y article management system in acquisition and automatic pseudo original work, automatically replace the general idea is to use the built-in filter function of the old Y article management system are synonyms, so as to achieve pseudo original purpose. For example, I want to collect all will be "your blog" in the article with "Wangzhuan diary". The detailed steps are as follows:

the first step, into the background. Find "acquisition management" – "filter management" and add a new filtering project.

I can set up a "Wangzhuan blog", what specific settings:


the filter name: enter "your blog" can, can also be free to write, but in order to facilitate the view, consistent with the recommendations being replaced by words.

"belongs to project": Please select a website column according to your website (you must select a column, otherwise, the filter item can not be saved).

"filter object": optional, "title filtering" and "text filtering", generally selected "text filtering" can be, if you even want to copy the original title, you can choose "title filtering."".

filter type: optional "simple substitution" and "advanced filter" general election "simple substitution", if the "senior filter", "need to specify the start tag and end tag", which can replace the code from the content.

"use status": options are "enabled" and "disabled", without explanation.

"scope of use": options include "public" and "private"". Select "private", the filter is only valid for the current site column; select "public", valid for all columns, regardless of the collection of any column, the filter is valid. Generally choose "private" can be.

"content": "in your blog, will.