social game should be said to be after the online games and web games, and now the user base is the most massive, interactive type of game. It also has the advantages of web games and social interaction. And social games are the lifeblood of SNS’s rise and fall. Several major SNS websites in China, whether happy or Renren, are based on social games to strengthen their user base and improve their stickiness. The rapid growth of the profit model makes SNS website to see the potential, but also for many SNS game developers so quick success, reckless with greed. In the development of the game and did not pay much attention to the users of the guide, "steal food" brought a series of social contradictions is one of the most typical example, social games have become both games, the reason and a major source of Internet addiction has been criticized by society condemned.

The healthy development of

, SNS and social games seems to be a general trend. Yesterday stationmaster net news to the high access threshold of 10 million domestic SNS website SNS website of the second half of this year against seemingly impossible odds, will face new barriers to entry, the SNS website will usher in a critical period of choice." Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of culture for SNS game market a series of study and research, its main purpose is to set up the access threshold for the SNS website. Industry analysts, the national press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of Culture issued a record approval system motivation is to guide the healthy development of the industry. But behind the development of the boot industry, some SNS game R & D leaders have begun to spit. "This revealed the wind is likely to be on the SNS website approval of specific content, will be released recently." According to the informed sources, after the end of last year, the Ministry of culture, press and publication administration position will monitor the SNS games, has given the introduction of specific measures in the June 2010 timetable, so these recent moves may be a prelude to the introduction of regulatory measures game SNS.

, not long ago, the Ministry of culture has launched the "online game minors Guardian project", and several large SNS game company proposed rectification content. In addition to applying for the newly established Internet culture business, the SNS website should have more than 10 million yuan of registered capital, in addition to the relevant regulations. Access threshold for the SNS industry is indeed a big blow, and for the third sides of the social game developers, is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue, some of these small developers precarious. At present, in addition to several large domestic SNS website, few SNS website have finished 1000 yuan registered strength of such resources, and social game developers not to mention some innovative game developers are just at the beginning……

Department of the latest Internet industry data show that the total number of Internet users in China has reached 404 million, of which social networking sites reached 191 million users. And the expansion of social networking site users, will bring opportunities for the next round of growth in social games. Crisis >