operation of the local industry station, personal Adsense should how to operate, how to promote? Mass mail, forums everywhere posting, QQ group every day hair, I think these are not really effective promotion method, but it will reduce the image of the site.


    I do stand for more than 3 years, only two stations, and all the local industry stand, do good popularity, which is a local real estate net (Huaian real estate network www.hafc.com.cn), also made a little achievement, for individual webmaster should not wrong, this year the station issued in February has been more than 9 months, signed a $70 thousand advertising, but I also need to continue to work hard, I put the operation methods and ideas I share with you.


    selection procedures: procedures to remember, not too fancy beauty industry program, you know, you do not stand firm industry portal station, not advertising station. There should be like portal portal appearance, simple and generous can also remember the function must be practical, to think from the user point of view, what function fit, which function is not suitable, for example, my real estate network, users of information can not release, can also register the release, this is one of the the design, of course this is only an example, there are many.


promotion method: do keyword optimization (although I do not have SEO technology, but simply got the keyword ranking can also)

do a keyword optimization some friends will say that they are not SEO, I can tell you, you do not need to be SEO first, as long as you put your site page title, keywords, description of several key words to write content written, you need it, here to do is much more than the exchange of links, slowly attentively to do, wait for two months after your search ranking will be in front of your station, this situation will continue to have access to, will continue to rise in popularity.


 :  : website content: when a website is established, content is very important. What message does the user visit your station to get from your station? You need to analyze the real estate network, every day I will update all the local real estate news information, understand the latest industry information in many ways, the first time published on the website, this virtuous circle of your station will do more.


    user interaction: if the development can make the website more large, must be linked with user interaction, as long as you can know more about user comments and suggestions, to learn more about the needs of users, to provide better service for them. For example, open up message boards, exchange QQ group and so on.