can say that almost all Internet sites now provide user registration and login functions, which also provide an identity for all Internet participants. Building an authoritative Internet identity can play an important role in online marketing, community influence, and speech communication. An authoritative account on the Internet to publish more information to get the support and response of the majority of users, the value of random and will be much greater than the impact of an ordinary user account information released. This point, we now from the popular social media marketing, that is, we are all familiar with micro-blog can see. The author of this paper expounds several principles of constructing authoritative Internet accounts.

uses the avatar to separate himself from others. Now almost all sites on the Internet provide users with the registration and login function, after the user login, you can upload your own user avatar. Head not only makes you different remarkably in the crowd, but also to help confirm the identity, let people see a picture is impressive, can easily think of you. When you set up your avatar, consider using some distinct colors that differ from the site’s background or default avatar.

two is humanism. If you want to build your own account and become an authoritative account, you should get the trust and support of others. This time you are required to take the initiative to help others on the Internet, so that they feel that in times of difficulty, there is another person on the Internet may be able to help him solve the problem. If you can treat him as a friend, you may also be able to help. Your account, including your information, will naturally receive users and support.

three is the input time. If you want your account to become an influential authoritative account, you need to invest more time to gain more trust from your users. Especially at the beginning, you need to devote a lot of time to developing your social network and making like-minded friends. After winning the trust, although you can not start as much time, but also to develop a reasonable account login and communication program, to ensure that the Internet accounts active.

four is a keen sense of information. As an authoritative account, users need to be able to for some news and hot news for rapid processing, before the others were released, this is more conducive to win more in the short term, the new addition to the interest of hot news users support, thus providing support to enhance the authority of the account.

five is to have a certain amount of popular account support. When there is a certain amount of network popularity support, the construction of authoritative account speed will have greater promotion. This point in the social media marketing is particularly obvious in the case of micro-blog, Sina, "joke" and "best quotation" and "global fashion" in the popular micro-blog account, quickly became popular network at the same time, behind it is to have a certain amount of popular support account.

mentioned above is the construction of an authoritative account of the Internet several heavy