00 spread contact network for 11 years, is the last two or three years we began to do the station, from the beginning of the 12341234.org web site to the later industry station, station, station computer, done a lot, also joined the alliance, such as the CPS, CPA CPC, Baidu Google Adsense thunderbolt Alliance the alliance is done, in which there is joy and suffering as stand these years, and friends a lot less traffic than before, also a little bit more, the station is no longer the same as before, now I do stand mostly just do a theme, not a station do like NetEase the content of a few days ago, Google is not out of it, nothing else, see the online about Sogou soso Youdao reported that they stole much of Google’s agent, has also registered a Sogou alliance, and do not say Sogou search results about it, and the light customer communication that is not very good, and not without a formal alliance, the large sail, spending a few days Sogou code, even in the background can not find any data, even the impressions are not, don’t know what it is. Heart cool index 30%

on the other hand they search business, it seems not very seriously, for small owners to join the requirements are too high, we must first look at the quality of traffic to determine whether you can join in, Sogou market share of less than soso under the precondition of Sogou still so cattle, let me feel very forget you away. Heart cool index 50%


that only 20% of the heat now, Chaoyang Geti suggestions:

1. to small and medium-sized webmaster increase friendly degree, must be, the network has a large part of the flow from this. No one can join the search business without restricting it.

2., try to improve your internal skills, improve the quality of search, do not always refer to the google.

3. give roses, left hand to the webmaster, more money, give advertisers more revenue, so as to form a road.

4. to upgrade the background of the alliance, if you can do real-time updates like Google data, it will be fierce.

finally, I hope the brothers and sisters who can see this article can exchange links with me. Www.zhougongjiemeng.biz can not exchange links, but also hope to make friends, people say that the network without borders well, let alone we have not gone abroad. I wish all the people who saw this post, the whole family in good health, the dollar was rolling in. Oh, I’m leaving. I’m going to work. By the way, my slogan, "I love U. S. dollars,