in twenty-first Century second for ten years, is already an Internet era, due to incomplete statistics, Chinese currently has nearly 400 million users, this also means that the network is a potential market, therefore, many entrepreneurs have set up a variety of websites, hope can obtain benefits.

I believe that in today’s Internet, to survive and develop, we must do a good job in three areas. They are the architecture and products of the website, marketing and operation.

make a website. First you have the architecture and the product, and show the website’s pages and information to the consumers as much as possible. Such as A5 on, the different content in different plate classification, A5 quiz, & soft advertising, recruitment and so on. Consumers or members can quickly find what they want in it. This is the user experience good, but also very easy to form a virtuous cycle, to cover more members, become a loyal customer base, this website has competitiveness.

has a lot of website is a structure and products, is also very rich, but there is no marketing consciousness in mind, many consumers came to see the product no desire to buy, in a hurry to put off the page, this is the so-called jump loss rate. A lot of Web site optimization ranking by the cost to buy keywords, and cross link ads, not easy to consumers brought in, but only hits, no turnover rate, such as Taobao in small sellers is particularly typical.

After doing the above two parts,

has to learn how to operate. For example, if you want to be a Tmall mall, you have to find someone with a lot of experience to do the job for you. For example, if you sell sporting goods, then you have to find sports celebrities or celebrities to speak for you. This is the most appropriate way. Unless you are your own expert in this area or are these specialty, can completely in control, to achieve smooth operation, do fine, unique, so, in the multitude of strong talent shows itself the fierce competition in the Internet world, the survival and development of the problem solving.

, if all this has been done, I believe your website will benefit very well.