editor’s note: This article is reprinted from Desiring Clicks. The article discusses the importance of making dialog boxes clear and clear.


dialog box (Dialog) is a useful and convenient tool, usually used to repeatedly confirmed the operation and decision of users, in order to avoid operator error or misunderstanding temporary action, confirmation, commonly used in the important action for example: "are you sure you want to delete this contact?", but if the collocation dialog box the text is not the appropriate response options, but may cause confusion and misunderstanding of the user, may make the wrong decision.


The most common

dialog design is improper option on text: "(YES) or (NO), back in student examination, O and X in non title is the two answer only two questions, and will mislead the text through the pros and cons of the test. The students really understand, regardless of the test in the end of the learning and knowledge building in the end there is no obvious help users do not want in your program or service happy, but also carefully understand your dialog content.

of course we can carefully design the text in the dialog box so that the user can clearly understand the message of the dialog box, but in most cases, we hardly ever read the content of the message word for word.

you must assume that the user does not read any other messages (dialog title or message content) except for the buttons on the dialog box.

– John, Gruber, of, Daring, Fireball

so we should pay attention to the option of words, whether the option to replace straightforward action words, such as cancellation in Mac OS in the dialog box to write off "(Logout)" to replace the "(Yes) (Cancel)" and "Cancel" to replace the "no" (No), such a simple replacement don’t even need to read the contents of the dialog, can also know I should write off or cancel I just do now.



Delete the message

in the Facebook dialog box is "yes" directly replaced "delete" (Delete) words, think carefully, we have never really noticed the dialog content in the end what to write, but we always can easily make the right decision.


change the situation, and maybe we can do this too