recently Suning once again stand up, claiming to be a Internet Co, not the traditional channels, but not the simple sense of the business enterprise, but a gradually shaping the Internet gene development ecosystem. Suning has been frequently to the outside world to throw their own development strategy changes, Dongfeng is simply to help the development of mobile Internet, cloud providers will own more binding to this concept, the formation of a time of the business circle, so as not to be abandoned by the times. Compared to the old rival Gome, Jingdong, Suning gene input in the Internet can be said to be unique.

then we must ask, Suning is so high-profile announced its Internet strategy, and therefore continue to burn it, confidence and confidence in where, to know that Zhang Jindong never do not grasp things, since Suning can be determined from the Internet business into the cloud, then must have its objective.

first talk about Su Ning’s confidence.

Since 2010,

proposed to enter the electricity supplier industry, Suning in the expansion of their own category has not been too lax, development to the present commodity resources depth has reached the ideal level, can meet the demand of consumers, not only that, Suning also through a series of mergers and acquisitions, such as the acquisition of Haier, launched to seize some of this is not a strong category, to further improve the whole category of their own, the supply of products involved in 56 categories, thousands of small classes, and in 2013 will on-line ticket booking and virtual recharge, deepening brand influence.

is not bad money that is another type of security suning. After all, limited to line of business of the limitations of traditional store will have operating costs, staff wages, store rental, but Suning is able to realize the unification of the price of online and offline, it needs to inject how much capital, news, Suning’s cash flow can reach 20 billion, and strong financial capital will make progress of Suning Internet domain no pressure.

Development opportunities

Suning is entering the Internet domain is an important weapon, because after several price war, the Jingdong for compression and profit channel extrusion let some businesses feel not adapt, even businesses express if such unilateral price war will no longer take the idea of cooperation, which is good the opportunity to Su Ning, because in this environment, some of the vertical field of electronic business platform and brand business enterprise will be more focused on reliable Suning body, Suning market attention there.

was not a man of foresight, but admitted he was a man of execution. When we are questioning the logistics construction can realize the decline in the cost, the former directly ho throw hundreds of millions of construction of logistics, so Suning has 60 logistics bases and 12 automated picking center, 5000 customer service service outlets, and these infrastructure will Internet process contribute little.