Lei never shy to the outside world about their own ambitions, but he does not like the others, the sword hanging in the mouth, he usually tone more smoothly, like a description of the story of others. He believes that the real meaning of millet may also need more than a decade to see, at that time, he would like to get an evaluation, the company has really changed my life."

as long as two years, the famous Internet thinking "preacher" is rarely seen, except for some have to cooperate with the activities, from almost all Lei chores, focus on the business of millet.

interview arrangements in the second day after the release of millet MIX. Lei Jun’s office in Wucaicheng millet headquarters of the 15 layer, the area is not large, twenty square meters, with luxury is not touch, in addition to his desk is placed around a long table, six chairs. Lei Lei looks tired, with two black eye, but the spirit is good. The famous model worker daily work time is at night after twelve, millet from the start, the company will adhere to the "996" working hours, half a year ago to 5 days one week.

at the end of 2014, "Chinese entrepreneur" had an interview with Lei Jun. At the time of the establishment of millet four and a half years after the completion of a $1 billion 100 million round of financing, valuation of $45 billion, not only that, millet is still a year swept the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, with shipments of 61 million 120 thousand units of the first mobile phone manufacturers of domestic mobile phone’s pick.


not only the mobile phone business, millet in the end of 2013 to start the layout of intelligent hardware ecosystem, a year invested 25 startups. 2014, the domestic smart hardware business peak, between entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs are asking the same question, if you do millet products, how do you deal with


even in the same year, the Internet practitioners kick "BAT" and "B" with a "ATM" composed of millet, millet, limelight without the two.

mobile phone is a fully competitive industry, the pattern has been changing. From 0 to $45 billion valuation, millet used for four and a half years, HUAWEI terminal revenue from $6 billion 700 million to $20 billion is also a year of four. In September last year to accept the China entrepreneur interview, HUAWEI consumer BGCEO Yu Chengdong taboo use peak to describe HUAWEI, he likes the word is the rise". From the "Curse" in the mobile phone industry as the shadow follows the form.

city first king of the flag. Last year the limelight Masamori company, may go this year; past compelling companies might suddenly become the industry benchmark study. Bombing crisis and A new force suddenly rises. Samsung OPPO and vivo, but the characteristics of dynamic regeneration pattern of the mobile phone industry variable.

millet also encountered a bottleneck, but it is not small. In the early days, the price of millet, electricity providers, such as the advantages of the Internet thinking mode