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Spendy is a simple and convenient tool to help you track your investment in venture capital projects and sites above. Spendy only pay attention to your expenses. Using Spendy, you can no longer tangled in the invoice, revenue, file flow and other complex information, but only focus on spending.

Kingdee enterprise financial management expert


help small and medium enterprises to manage financial income, payment and other information, and can provide solutions for enterprises.

Gratify Weekly


a free, weekly update marketing skills and related articles recommend the site, there are many blogs waiting for you to find.



Whether you are

businesses or individual users, are available through the Alipay download fast online transfer.



Gluru is an intelligent personal assistant / file manager, at some critical moment, when you need a file, Gluru can help you quickly and accurately find the required documents.

it can connect with the popular tools you are using to create a secure text file. Gluru every day to get your documents, mail, mail list information, when you need to file related events, click a link.



Flow provides a group chat environment for the team, we can chat, talk about the project, talk about plans, etc.. It’s easy to communicate with the team.

you don’t have to put down the work at hand, create a task immediately in the dialog box, specify an expiration date. No need to copy and paste a large number of text content to develop work plans.



to Chinese have cloud version of Slack itself, is a team communication and collaboration platform, polymerization >