editor’s note: last month, after talking to Peter, ·, and Till, Fu Sheng gave entrepreneurs 10 tips on how to let go of the fear and share it with everyone else in the world. The.


ten years ago, I have been worried about their lack of hard work, not enough effort, not enough to save, so do things, it is not easy to focus on the nature of things, do not calm. If I had been able to let go of these fears, I believe there will be more today.


our previous generation, lack of food, education and job opportunities, they will have a sense of fear, like the past experience to face the future. Now, the whole era accelerated, the mankind has taken material scarcity, the scarcity of production time, began to cross into a large prosperous era, a new full demand driven era, so the past experience is not only outdated, and will become the biggest stumbling block.


today, we don’t need a house to give you a sense of security, you don’t need to have it to prove yourself; today, we need to enjoy the work itself brings you thinking, including fear.


the process of starting a business, you have to tolerate uncertainty, tolerate the possibility of losing, do not be afraid of failure. Let go of fear, can do the vast majority of people do not recognize, but it is the truth.


The essence of

entrepreneurship is to find something different, even a lot of people do not agree with. This is the core of the rapid rise of entrepreneurship. If you can’t find such an opportunity, you may be struggling, in a crowded area of competition, even very hard every day, may not be able to get the results you want. The source of this effort and hard work is a sense of security that keeps us in a constant cycle of dependence.


this era is faster than the incremental stock. We need not in the strong competition in the field of the opponent and fight, tangled in the mire. We should spend more time to think, really learn the spirit of American enterprises, put more time in the choice, the whole deduction and the future of the judge.


when we think of the trend fully enough, and then go all out, quickly cast a high ground, and then dive down, this time you will find that the future development is more important than hard work.


from 0 to 1 in this book, there is a power law, is that you will have the opportunity at each point, each point of investment are likely to succeed, but often only a breaking point is very important to make you the most close to the success of this point must be very simple, there are differences, and to keep self growth.