the development of China’s construction industry, and promote the development of all derivatives industry, home decoration industry is one of the. As in recent years, the rise of the wallpaper industry, since the advent of people’s praise and hot pursuit, become the most potential business opportunities.

according to the business world laboratory understanding, 2009, China building decoration industry for funds is estimated to be as high as $14700 per year, and also showing a growing trend. With the rapid economic development, China’s building decoration industry has entered an era of unprecedented prosperity. The main building is decorated wall, the wall is 3.5 times the size of the building area, which means that the future market immeasurable liquid wallpaper walls as a decorative new darling of the industry concerned, according to a rough prediction, liquid wallpaper industry annual market share of up to several thousand million.

knurling art wallpaper series: roll out patterns, colors of the color is clear and smooth, clear exquisite beyond compare,; visual transformation, such as circulation of brilliance, brocade silk, high-grade and luxurious; diverse style, expressive, conquest, by hotels, hotels, KTV rooms and home decoration users


printing art wallpaper series can be divided into a special class of European romantic class fashion warm class class class class luxury classic playful effects such as brocade silk, Ambilight; concave convex pattern is clear, clear, well-proportioned; figures, animal, landscape, flowers, cartoons, poetry, calligraphy and painting and other art patterns.