Zhongguancun Venture Street as Chinese innovation "landmark" has long been famous, 3W, garage cafe business, 36Kr, I horse and other media and all kinds of entrepreneurial venture capital funds are gathered in this less than 200 meters above the street, set off a round of innovation climax.


June 15th, in the Hangzhou hi tech Zone, Binjiang concentrator Center (the core area of the town of things) also set up a landmark – Hangzhou venture street". The Hangzhou Venture Street start, attracted a group of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, venture capital fund stampede in the media. It is foreseeable that the street will probably drive East China’s capital markets, more entrepreneurial and other domestic city area frenzy.

opened at this time entrepreneurial street, Hangzhou has three considerations

Hangzhou started in Hangzhou Venture Street, is now in the second wave of Internet start-ups. Last year, although insiders said, innovation ushered in the winter capital, but this seems to hit thunder down, ushered in another round of frenzy.

Hangzhou venture street angel sinks, entrepreneur, 3W space, the Antarctic Circle, investment companies, Tencent, micro chain billion euros every day, investment, warp space, interstellar space, interest agency, Zhejiang province science and Technology Innovation Service Association and a large number of organizations settled. Zhongguancun Venture Street compared favorably.

for Hangzhou, at this time to start Venture Street, there are three considerations.

1, Hangzhou to become the national business third

innovation and innovation is in the ascendant, the tide of Beijing has swept the country, Hangzhou in this environment has nearly a hundred Venture Park and entrepreneurial services. When all the guests come in a throng, Hangzhou entrepreneurship is also undergoing changes. Small town, industrial park, public space…… Entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects in the first space for resource integration, collaborative wealth creation.

According to "Hangzhou daily" reported that the Hangzhou is forming a perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem

. The largest domestic Internet business chain micro social platform statistics, in 2015, Hangzhou is the fastest growing city business projects, business projects for a total of 1364, the average annual growth rate of 32.4%, higher than the Beijing 30.2%, Shanghai 27.1%, Shenzhen 29.3%. Among them, the 503 projects to obtain financing, continue to nurture the industry unicorn. 2015 Hangzhou organized a total of 1650 entrepreneurial activities, an average of 4.5 games a day, an increase of 16 times over the previous year, the number of participants close to 70 thousand people.

at the Hangzhou entrepreneurial enthusiasm, coupled with Hangzhou entrepreneurs pragmatic and willing attitude, Hangzhou start-up companies in the economic environment is cold today in the case but showed a rising trend of the situation. For Hangzhou, this is a paradise for entrepreneurs. Hangzhou also hopes to seize the opportunity at this time, the city of heaven into the Zhongguancun Venture Street