one-way street has always been the content entrepreneurs." As Xu Zhiyuan said, is based on one-way street has been thought and expression.

but one-way street is a very unique content entrepreneurs. Whether it is a bookstore, publishing, audio, video, or even a year than a year of one-way calendar, are conveyed to the unique characteristics of one-way street: the emphasis on spiritual life, the pursuit of free soul…… Even Xuzhiyuan want to insist on 50 years of "Book Prize", also has a one-way street One principle runs through it all. values.

"A lot of times are

scripts chicken soup, popular, but it does not give up the self demand." Please do not adhere to the times, do not chase popular one-way street soul Xuzhiyuan, for the content of the era of entrepreneurship, a reflective value can not be ignored.

"I am a shy person, but look very arrogant. Do not like expression, but has been expressed."


Xu Zhiyuan photo

new list: we say you can not do without the word "book", it is in your role is


Xu Zhiyuan: help me escape from life, is a company, like air and water, is a part of my life.

The new

list: public opinion, your text is sharp, I feel relatively warm and moist, the contradictions between the two? What is your biggest problem?

Xu Zhiyuan: in fact, it is only normal expression, but in this era looks very sharp. Warm and sharp never contradiction, people are multi-faceted. Guevara will bring poetry in the battlefield.

the biggest contradiction, I’m shy, but look very arrogant. In fact, do not like to express, but has been expressed.

new list: do not feel that the recent expression of their own public events less


Xu Zhiyuan: I am writing a book, very busy. Things are similar, do not want to repeat it.


I think the entrepreneurial atmosphere of this era is to belittle the value of people

new list: what is the purpose of creating one-way street?

Xu Zhiyuan: very unexpected business, not so much initiative. Eleven years ago, when the establishment of one-way street that will soon be closed down, because do not know how to operate.

new list: therefore, the business is very important to you, now the operation of the confusion to solve it?

Xu Zhiyuan: of course, we are a business organization, how can the operation is not important.


. In a very early age, the operation of one-way street Bookstore era, my own wages can afford the entire bookstore. But when we are now 100 people, it must be like a business organization