food and beverage industry in our country has a significant position, there are many food and beverage brands in our lives. So, before opening a restaurant, we must conduct an investigation of its market, so as to better grasp the market, better open their own business. Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

shop environment. Open restaurant, the environment has a good ring two meaning. One meaning refers to the surrounding environment. For example, some restaurants open at the public toilet next to or near, not far from the landfill, gutter or store door flying dust, or neighbor smell overflows of the chemical plant, this is a bad shop environment. Another meaning refers to the location of the store downtown.

generally speaking, if the shop is located in the vicinity of the station, a high density of population density in the area or a street street, this kind of shop environment should have a greater advantage. In addition, the junction of the trigeminal, corner is better, the slope of the road, remote corners, the location of the house is not high.

traffic conditions are convenient. Open the restaurant, the customer to the shop, parking is convenient; convenient transportation of goods; from other locations to the shop is convenient, etc.. Convenient traffic conditions have a great impact on store sales.

facilities around the restaurant is beneficial. Although some shops opened in the city next to the main road, but the fence on both sides of the road, but the business greatly affected. Therefore, the choice of street pavement, we must pay full attention to this point. How do you choose? There are two typical streets: one is only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles on the road, the line of sight can naturally sweep the streets on both sides of the pavement; pedestrians walking in the street, it is natural to enter the shop. But if the width of the street more than 30 meters, but sometimes not popular.

service area population. Generally speaking, the more the population near the shop location, the more dense the better. At present, many large and medium-sized cities are relatively concentrated in the formation of a variety of areas, such as commercial areas, tourist areas, universities, etc., should pay attention to analyze the situation in different regions of the shop.

target customer income level. Lots of rich people gathered in the open jewelry shop, high-grade fashion shop is aimed at the characteristics of the target customer high income. Open restaurant, the construction of a variety of commercial villas around the city or the grade of the District, are the rich gathered.

factors affecting the location of a lot of shops, the factors vary. Why do some of the shops in the remote alleys of the business is booming every year, while some of the bustling shops and restaurants operating difficulties, which is a philosophy language: specific analysis of specific circumstances. The good circle of position is relative but not absolute. The quality of business depends not only on the location of the store, but also with the store business content, business methods, services, image are closely related. Shop, not to follow the feeling of everything on OK>