as a new generation of youth social master, has now started slowly on the society, at the same time, in order to help young people get the better development opportunities, all to do poineering work in promoting social youth.

the entrepreneurship contest by the Taizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Taizhou Municipal Corporation, Taizhou Higher Education Park Management Committee jointly organized the qualification requirements must meet two conditions, the age is 16~45 years old youth entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial projects should comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and to the floor in Taizhou within the scope of administrative divisions.

contest entry mode recommended by the organization and individual registration, recommended by the organization, in accordance with the principle of territoriality by the city (District) and the College Youth League Committee responsible; personal registration, registration directly to the organizing committee. Registration can log Taizhou youth "official WeChat public number or" Taizhou Youth League "website, download and fill out the" Taizhou first investment project declaration hummingbird flash contest ", at the same time to the organizing committee provides the" business plan "(creative) project, project (product) prototype photo paper material or electronic document. Registration time as of September 10, 2015.


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