shop hands-on experience, teach you how to get started and improve

a lot of people have opened the shop as a part-time job, because it is easy, because it is convenient, because it can make their own full of confidence. Does this mean that it is easy to open a shop?. Shop like a tiger’s opposite, it looks simple and convenient, but really do it to find a truth: money is not easy. I’m one of the best examples.

just at that moment, want to earn extra money, then Taobao opened a shop online. At first, I was happily, was finally able to have a shop of their own. But for a long time and found that I can not afford to toss. As the saying goes, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything. The shop sold, but also take the supply of funds, this day was xinrudaoge.

goods from the wholesale market can not afford to go back, but also can not sell out, a large amount of money on the No.

may be the God of mercy, under the opportunity to know the baby shop, a shop to help the rapid growth of software. I only took 600 yuan to take it down. Shop baby can automatically purchase, processing orders, delivery can also charge logistics. For a long time, shop baby like my shop assistant. With the help of the baby store software, I do not have to go to the wholesale market to purchase, you can put more time to focus on the promotion of the shop. After four months of hard work, I finally earned a considerable income, the shop has also become a diamond number from the heart. For newcomers, this is the biggest help. This is what I want to tell the new people’s first experience: open a physical shop, you can choose to store the baby like a software store, no shop is difficult to get on the right track.

The use of

software to store baby what conditions? Its function is how to achieve it? Let me this is not the veteran little shop to tell you about it! Open shop, plus I can not understand QQ381713669 professional guide novice shop, kanenori package.

use store baby software conditions: have their own Taobao shop, store goods in kind. This is the baby shop software use condition is not as simple as that? From the conditions, we can see that it is in the Taobao store and a software of the invention. So, if you and I have a new person, you might as well try.

store baby function:

shop is the main function of a baby line work, followed by a ring operation.

buyers orders – store baby active purchase – store baby warehouse received notice – goods from the warehouse logistics channels sent out. This is the realization of the function of the shop baby. Below I will do one by one to explain.

1, buyer orders. Before the buyer orders, the main thing is to do business. Store baby has its own warehouse storage of goods, there are countless goods