even if the area of the store is enough, but because the layout is unreasonable, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. Therefore, if you want to make the store business better, naturally need to make the layout more reasonable. My shop is located in Fengyang Road, the area is not large, a lot of rent, can land,

I also rented a suite in the neighborhood as a warehouse. As a result, the store business area is enough, but also facing the customer to a slightly more goods, the store is not enough, to go to the warehouse the goods, let the customer wait for a period of time.

in recent years, with the expansion of the scope of the business, the continuous improvement of performance, this contradiction has become increasingly prominent, more and more customer complaints.

my shop north, two of the facade, not rich but very deep, the corner there are fifteen to six meters away from the door, the light is not good, even in the day to turn on the lights, and the original display where supplies the basic No one shows any interest in. Both wasted space, there is no economic benefits, store a large number of drinks everywhere, disorganized, affecting the space and store image. Under the advice of the client manager, I have decided to rectify and decorate the store.

decoration, shop store is simple, take on an altogether new aspect, bright, space utilization, especially at the corner of the original, now a dozen square small warehouse, stacked below the liquor, high wood stacked cigarette. As a result, not only the store environment clean, reasonable layout, improve the overall image, the most important is that patrons waiting time shortened, complaining is reduced, the operating efficiency has been greatly improved.

some shops although the area is not small, but because it will not be reasonable use, resulting in large space, but can not play a better role. Therefore, the shop to do business, the need to make full use of the existing space, the layout of the store to do a good job, not only to improve the store environment and store image, but also to improve my operational efficiency and economic benefits. I hope my experience can be useful to everyone.