recently, Ma and Xiao tie is very concerned about the conversation, the thinking of these successful people, naturally more entrepreneurs worth learning. The small bar and Ma are doing VR, in the fierce market competition, entrepreneurs how to avoid becoming fodder?

Facebook, SONY, Samsung, HTC, etc. also have their own VR product layout. HTC is a big bet to bet on the VR, I hope that VR can help HTC comeback win a tuyere. In China, the day before Ali announced the establishment of VR laboratory, and for the first time disclosed VR group strategy, and start the Buy plan to lead the future shopping experience, build VR business ecosystem. Even the video site is also playing VR cards, such as Iqiyi online VR channel, part of the content can be viewed using VR devices.

VR hot trend is also driving more entrepreneurs influx. The idea of entrepreneurs is also very simple, to create explosive or acquired by the giant.

in the domestic market in virtual reality, VR helmet has the Milky Way entertainment, virtual reality technology, Shenzhen bird watching (3  Glasses) and other companies; one machine, VR glasses products field information Nibiru, Rui Yue fireworks workshop; in the content areas, storm magic mirror App, like that "travel VR"; peripheral equipment field, also appeared in Virtuix Omni  somatosensory somatosensory treadmill, ants as the gun, when the front interactive gesture capture controller "micro Vidoo" company.

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