to say that the economic hot spots in 2015, O2O is clearly one of them. All sectors of the O2O project have emerged many giants, covering all aspects of basic necessities of life. Which the United States and the public comment group, Ctrip and elong merger, but also people dumbfounded.

since O2O has two O, then which O will dominate the future? This issue, different people have different views, even business leaders also so.

November 22, 2015, Ali CTO Wang Jian FM tiger sniffing the festival as a "keynote speech of the future of computing", which called for the travel to Canada, found the information infrastructure, business model behind the local Chinese for many years, even some of the basic line of business are not, the Internet companies will dominate the future of business.

and Wanda boss Wang Jianlin held the opposite view, he solemnly said in an interview: "I like O2O, but not optimistic about the on-line company to do O2O. O2O ultimately win must be offline company." The reason for this prediction is very simple, he believes that the line is very difficult to do under the line, the line is very easy to do online.

each have their own reasons, each have their own views, then the future development of O2O, the company’s online and Internet companies who will eventually play a leading role?

O2O is the core of online payment

O2O first to solve the core problem is the online payment, it is not only a convenient means of payment, but also the basis for the transaction of big data, connect users, businesses and platforms button.

thanks to the end of 2013, a taxi software subsidy war and the promotion of WeChat red envelopes, the number of countries to a billion smart phones to bind the bank card, making the full realization of online payment to achieve. As long as the line store access Alipay, WeChat payment and other online payment system, consumers can easily realize the online payment, which broke the previous only in the online shop to trade barriers. This is why the concept of O2O put forward for many years, but the last two years before the outbreak of the most important reasons.

for the O2O giant, in addition to competing for the user base and the line of business resources, for the control of online payment is equally important. So we see the U.S. group and Ali had trouble to Alipay out, this is clearly the most effective way to prevent the opponent using big data back. This trick Liu Qiangdong used in the early years of Jingdong, Jingdong can now grow and develop with this decision also has a certain relationship.

look, online payment is almost Internet business world: Alipay, WeChat and Ali pay respectively belong to Tencent, Baidu also launched its own payment products – Baidu wallet, fast money Wanda also from Internet companies to purchase.

even traditional financial organizations such as UnionPay and ICBC, China Construction Bank and other four state-owned banks, although have launched their own online payment products, but failed to