difficult employment problem is becoming more and more serious, so for many young people with a dream, the entrepreneur has become the first choice for the development of their career. 80 after the guy opened a jewelry store from the delay in tuition fees, liabilities twenty thousand, rent the facade of the shop to open a shop, as a junior student, you dare to do so,? But Yunnan guy Su Jianyi did it. Xiao Bian today for you to tell us about the opening of a jewelry store entrepreneurial story.


2005 in the first pot of gold digging, Su Jianyi junior next semester, in order to ensure the integrity of the capital chain, Su Jianyi has defaulted on tuition for two years. At the same time, due to earn money or not spread into greater cost, the campus to join the venture partner   less and less, but at the moment, the Yunnan guy made a surprising decision — money to Guilin Road shop, shop called "tea horse in Yunnan". Su Jianyi said, entrepreneurship has been the subject of state support, he was optimistic about the   a direction, another light put "Yunnan" two words have so many people fascinated, jewelry sales in Yunnan in the northeast, he was optimistic about the market.