now college students are very entrepreneurial ideas, many people have their own entrepreneurial story. College students during the school is no longer a strange thing, rich experience and earn money, the best of both worlds why not?


2010 just after the Spring Festival, Fan Jialin, who lives in Ba Da Guan, Qiingdao University, School of fashion design and performance of the school to find a job. But one morning in April changed her mind about employment. That day, Fan Jialin as usual, to accompany their parents to go to the seaside morning, when they walk through Huiquan square, found the square more than a business advertising, the effect is through the transformation of Huiquan square will be open again, now began to attract foreign investment. Fan Jialin, who always wanted to shop, thought it was a good opportunity. Taking into account the streets are full of clothing store, Fan Jialin gave up the idea of a clothing store, but the thought of opening Egg Tart dessert.

with member of Engineering Egg Tart do dessert

Two months ago, up to

2011 in July 7th, seventh days after graduating from the University of Fan Jialin, her Egg Tart dessert – Egg Tart dessert shop in the town of Huiquan square officially opened. Egg Tart town dessert shops only sell freshly baked Egg Tart, provide color flavor and taste of the top Egg Tart, guests eat fresh, eat at ease Egg Tart town aimed at mass consumption, suitable for Chinese taste, wide audience, small investment, profit is very big! This is why Egg Tart town business why so fire because of the reason! Summer is very popular. "Most of the time a day earned   3000 dollars." Fan Jialin said. After entering September, Huiquan square people on all of a sudden a lot less, her Egg Tart dessert gradually light up, sometimes one day turnover of only 100 yuan. Fan Jialin took advantage of the time of the off-season, the original level of store decoration into two layers, enrich the management of the project, will only sell Egg Tart town into selling all kinds of dessert beverage and production sales Egg Tart Egg Tart town town Western-style food, and received very good results. Daily turnover has increased to about 7000 yuan.

heavy loss of hundreds of thousands of

A heavy rain in the summer of

2012, almost extinguished Fan Jialin entrepreneurial dreams. "It was August a heave rain night, probably about two in the morning, I was the wake-up call." Fan Jialin recalls, "when I got to the store, the water was already half a meter deep……" The rain gave her