beauty business usually has a strong appeal, and the success of the investment community is easy to get a lot of beautiful women envious eyes. Investment in the domestic industry, a number of beauty and entrepreneurial strength of both investment beauty if you do not understand and Xiaobian look at it together.

"investment rule is only two, the first rule is not to lose money, don’t forget the first rule is the rule of second, only to pull the trigger will hit in the prey." Buffett’s investment: money, power, hunting, how to listen is a man’s game. From a quantitative point of view, the fact is the case, in the calendar year of the world’s top 100 list of investors, usually only 4-5 is female. However, these female investors are in no way inferior, honor and praise should be generous to them.

2014 venture capital sector’s hottest female investors. May 22, 2014 Jingdong mall landing Nasdaq, listed on the same day, Jingdong closing price of $20.90, the market value of $28 billion 600 million. Today, the capital holds 7.8% stake in Jingdong, according to this calculation, Xu Xin made a profit of $2 billion 200 million in the Jingdong listing, financing before the listing, the overall return on capital today over a hundred times.

by virtue of the "2014 best venture capital exit China case", Xu Xin and her team of today’s capital gains in one fell swoop two major awards: 2014 Chinese best venture capitalists and venture capital institutions in 2014 Chinese best exit. Bitter, such as 8 years, once the summit, can be described as: sharp eyes, see others did not see, the heart is strong, and so others can not wait".

from Peregrine to baling capital, to 10 years ago founded capital today, 20 years of investment banking, venture capital experience, she has gone through the birth and development of venture capital industry in the Chinese, Jingdong and NetEase before the mall, the classic case,, newpalm and so on, called the strength of a venture capitalist Xu Xin and mind, speed fast, sharp eyes, powerful gas field, as an important occasion, dressed in red domineering invincible, the venture capital industry must be her queen.

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