often mixed catering industry knows, catering market is the hottest Hot pot with the fish, so catering brand market is huge, Unlimited Business Opportunities. Fu Chi new concept of spicy fish Hot pot is the star brand "Fu Chi Tao’s headquarters, since the start of Fu Chi road with its distinctive characteristics in the catering industry project A new force suddenly rises. become the food market, become an independent school beautiful landscape.

Fu Chi Tao with ingredients are from independent ecological breeding base of natural live fish and green organic fruits and vegetables, the gas of the world, in the essence of nature. Fu Chi fish Hot pot tasty meat and perfuming refreshing, can be made into acid, sweet, hemp, spicy flavors, can let the love taste diners are of praise. Fu Qi road since the beginning of the research and development focus on the deployment of each process and process, cooked every fish food are in line with the requirements of health and nutrition, from the source to prevent food safety risks.

bright black pottery culture 5000 Longshan civilization, Fu Chi fish with black Hot pot joined the ancient altar as the fish container, can lock more nutritious and delicious, avoid the loss of nutrition, the Fu Chi fish Hot pot more healthy delicious, nutrition upgrade. Join the secret base, five black pepper to taste the ancient altar, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, let people taste buds open, inviting. Fu Chi Tao pottery ancient altar preserved unique in the market, the success of combining with material, perfect delicacy fish culture!

Fu Chi road management often organize staff to learn and study, brought together a group of top domestic fish products research and development experts, marketing professionals, catering brand professionals, management professionals, and leading institutions and in various fields at home and abroad to reach various and deepen strategic cooperation, the company in the leading level in the field of product development, the guarantee of operation, brand management.

The goal of

Fu Kei road is to have new faces every year and take the road of individual development. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people demand for delicacy rising, we believe that the new concept of "Fu Chi spicy fish Hot pot this brand will be popular, to bring health and happiness to consumers, give investors an abundance of wealth


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