modern society, if a shop is not always able to keep abreast of the times, so I’m afraid the shop has been unable to adapt to the development of the times, the needs of the people, to make a profit will also face more difficulties. Zhejiang city in Pinghu Province, the new temple 100 what comprehensive supermarket is past the new temple of supply and marketing cooperatives miscellaneous goods sales department, responsible person Guiqi pool is warm, thoughtful service, business integrity has been increasing, business impact, now ten in town famous for.

speaking of hundred shops and even after the rain changes, pool Guiqi familiar. Now, his shop has joined the construction of modern retail terminal stores, into a modern cigarette retail store.

store earn enough image points

in the past, the place is not enough, operating varieties, goods are always a bit messy, Guiqi pool are not too concerned about that, later in the customer manager’s proposal, he made a site planning, business classification, based on the original model shop, three new cabinet back, become the cigarette retail area. Due to the expansion of the cigarette display area, broaden the horizons of consumers to buy, the whole store feeling fresh, bright, neat, attracting many consumers eye.

stores such as the face of people. By improving the overall counter, prominent display area, increase the number of new brands, strengthen brand advertising propaganda, Chi Guiqi’s store has attracted a lot of attention, often have customers to see and sit, let the store pocketed the image points.

cigarette display benefits more than

after the guidance of modern tobacco companies terminal, Chi Chi gradually understand the importance of brand display. Many consumers see neatly placed after the show, have to shop to buy cigarettes, at this time of the pool in the patient referral. A lot of people around him is a frequent visitor to the store, and now because of the collection of the surrounding consumer groups, in addition to a fixed number of brands in the order, and sometimes did not wait for the customer manager suggested that the pool will also consider several new brand test.

recommend new products with confidence

since joining the modern retail terminal stores, Chi Guiqi’s entire store clean and bright. Exquisite advertising pictures, ingenuity in the display design, so that he has more confidence in the operation of cigarettes, recommend a new brand to add a lot of confidence, the attitude of the cigarette business has also been a positive change.

now is really different, and their own store attractive much more, in the minds of consumers in a good impression, there are a lot of strange customers to stop the car, but also over consumption." Chi Chi ha ha said.

of course, not only Chi Guiqi’s shop has such a big change in the requirements of the development of modern, countless shops are in